So Long 2018…. It’s Been Real Fun!!

Change has come. New beginnings have taken place. Now we start another year.


The farm in January 2018

The fact that I haven’t posted in almost a year should indicate just how much has been happening on the farm in 2018. It’s been very active!!

2018 was full of wonderful life events and business victories. Here’s a snapshot of how it all went down (let’s see how well my memory is working). As usual, we kicked off our year fasting in preparation for what was to come. This gives us an opportunity to focus ourselves on God and what/ where He is leading us. This was the first year our whole family committed to the fast. That made it a lot easier on me, considering I’m the one that does the shopping and cooking. In February we plan out our growing season and purchase seeds. We always get excited when the new seeds catalogs start showing up! Farm geeks! It’s so fun to open the box when it arrives and see all the little white envelopes full of potential. Now it’s on us to put them into some good soil so they can grow.

Early spring is spent starting seeds. Wade enjoys this process. He built a seed table, complete with heat and lights. It’s pretty cool! He is the best at babying the seeds along to germination- making sure they have water, heat, and light. From there, about every 7-10 days we start more seeds, making sure we have what we need to get us through the growing season. Then, May proved to be very eventful!!

Nathaniel, grad pic.

Nathaniel, our son, graduated from High School. What a sweet, sweet time that was! Full of cherished moments, tears, family, and friends. That kid!! What an incredible treasure!! Crazy to think that in just a very few short days he starts his second semester of college. I sure have enjoyed having him back home over the holiday.

In May, Not only did we have a big graduation party planned, we also hosted our second Mother’s Day Tea here on the farm. So fun and hectic. Lol! I’m always surprised when ladies want to spend a few hours of their day with us. You would not believe the amount of dirty dishes you have when 26 women come to a 4 course southern style tea. Incredible! However, Wade is amazing on that day! He spends his time in the kitchen making sure all the plates come out just the way I want them. He and Nathaniel make a great team!! Everything is made right in our kitchen! Food is my love language! I always get anxious wanting to create something special for those that attend, but my friends come to serve, live music is played and the day goes off without a hitch. It really is extravagant. Those two events would be enough, but May wasn’t over yet! Farmers Market season started!

A girl & her guitar.

Shew wee, was it a messy, wet, rainy, windy, snowy market season! We endured all the elements to bring our sunflowers, lavender, heirloom tomatoes, herbs, and scones to the market twice a week. Let me just say, I love market days!! Sophie, our youngest farmer, proved to be an invaluable asset at the market! She’s got the makings of an entrepreneur. I wouldn’t get in her way if I were you! Market days are an incredible amount of work, but such an honor when someone chooses to buy something you have put so much time and effort into. We strive to put out the very best we know how to produce and we are always learning more. Between market days and taking care of the ins and outs of farm life we stayed in full gear til October. We managed to slip away for a quick 36 hour trip to Wisconsin Dells, loved it!! Squeaky cheese, water parks, kayaking, and paddleboarding filled our time there. All the while, preparing Nathaniel to leave for college. Tears…

We homeschool, our school year starts in September. Good thing market was drawing to an end because my focus needed to shift to one of the most important jobs I have, pouring into my girl. October was spent turning over the ground and winterizing the farm. Michigan winters are no joke! We harvest pumpkins for the first time! That was awesome! We grew all sorts of colors and shapes of pumpkins. They were absolutely wonderful! You must know, if you don’t already, fall is my favorite time of year! I love everything about it. The smells, the colors, the scarves, the smores, the pumpkins, I really could go on and on… I love it all!! Before we knew it the Holiday season had arrived.

November with Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating, which leads right into December. The Christmas season proved to be a time of refreshing for our family, much appreciated and needed. Nathaniel finished up his first semester of college, Sophie made Christmas cookies with her girlfriends, and we were able to take a family vacation. Christmas have left the incense of rest and rebirth in our home. I am awed at the majestic wonder of a savior that came in the form of a babe to save this world. In conclusion of 2018, we want to wish you a fresh and new beginning for 2019. From our little farm to your little heart.. Happy New Year!!


2 thoughts on “So Long 2018…. It’s Been Real Fun!!

  1. Awwwwwe. I loved every word. I am sure there was lots of weeding to be done in those gardens. I remember farm life well. Happiest new year to each of you.


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