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What’s not to say about these beauties!?!?  They are big and beautiful always facing the sun.  Reminds me of how I should live my life.  Always facing the “son of God.”  I love watching the sunflowers follow the angle of the sun.  Pretty amazing! They love to face the east.  Ready to start their day as the sun rises the sunflowers are there waiting for the sun to shine their way.  I am certain this particular post will grow as our sunflower patch flourishes, but for now, enjoy, and remember to turn your face to the Son.

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Produce Stand.

We always sell our farm fresh, free range, non gmo, cage free, all natural eggs (Lol), but since our garden is producing we have extended our products for sale to include such items. We have big plans to one day have a super cute produce stand. Maybe out of the back of a really cute old truck or on an old wood style trailer, but for this first year we have gone with cute and functional. Only piece missing from the picture is the umbrella we put over the produce to keep it from getting to hot. Although, today we won’t have to worry about that as the weather has been beautiful this weekend!! You should know, I prefer temps on the cooler side. That means I have spent an extensive amount of time outside lately, besides the time I spent canning. Check out “The Kitchen” page for details on that little adventure…Here’s a glimpse….At present, we have Roma, Yellow Pear, and Cherry Tomatoes. Also available, are cucumbers. A great size and breed for pickles, which we will hopefully can again this year as they were a hit with the fam!!

Potato Harvest.

We just harvested our potatoes for this year. We planted about 5lbs of Yukon Golds and we harvested about 25lbs. We are pleased with our return. Potatoes are a pretty easy crop to grow considering once you put them in the ground you have to go on faith thwp-1471879873705.jpgat they are growing and flourishing under the ground.  Pretty cool when you think about it. It’s like our walk with God, we can’t always see what He is doing, but we stand on what the word of wp-1471884531736.jpgGod says in Faith, believing He is doing what He says He will do. As a matter of fact, it takes a certain measure of faith to even believe that God exists. I don’t know about you, but almost on a daily basis I see God exist. So, just like those potatoes I choose to believe.

We stored our potatoes in crates with straw and put them in a cool dark space in our basement. That should keep them fresh until we are ready to use them.
Also, we did not wash them. just took them out of the ground and made sure they were not wet.

Feathered Friend at the Farm.

We have been amazed at the variety of birds that have visited the farm.  We were finally able to capture a few shots of this beauty, Red Bellied Woodpecker. We think this is a female, can’t guarantee it, but her head isn’t quite as colored as some of the pictures we’ve seen of Red Bellied Woodpeckers.

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Guess Who Came To Breakfast??

We have a lovely picture window next to our dining room table with a nicely placed Tulip Tree right outside the window.  For our enjoyment, we have placed several bird feeders in the tree so that we can admire the variety of birds that visit the feeders daily.  Today was especially nice! Let me tell you who all showed up for breakfast…

A large Black squirrel, that I was not able to capture a nice clear picture of, next time.  A brightly colored Red Cardinal was present, along with, a Dark Eyed Junco, Yellow Bellied Sapsucker (Woodpecker), a nice round Robin, and a Red Winged Black Bird. (pictured below)



Look What’s Popping Up On The Farm!!

We’ve been waiting a long time to see these beauties, but they are starting to pop open and they are lovely!! Looks like the Tulips are just about ready to bloom as well! Enjoying the Daffodils for now.


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