Things I’m realizing about myself….

Confession.. I don’t really enjoy doing laundry. How do I know this? Well, here’s a little story. I have a dear sweet friend that shared a book with me some years ago about simplifying- cleaning out and getting rid of clothes you don’t need or use. Finally it happened, I’d had enough. I was ready to clear out all the clothes I’d hung onto for one reason or the other. Sidenote, can we just talk about the tshirt drawer for a minute? Who needs that many t shirts? It’s like they hold sentimental value. You know, a memory of an event or season in life. But really, it was time to let them go… Now then, I strategically tackled every dresser drawer and closet that held the collection of too many years of fabric. It felt so good not to fight with the closet and drawers for space once the clean out was complete!! Freedom!!

Other than this thought that I continued to push out of my mind, but I feel the need to share it with you, and that thought was, “what if I run out of clothes.” However, I didn’t let that thought stop me. I quickly pushed that out of my mind because I was turning over a new leaf. I wouldn’t need all those extra clothes because I had decided to stay on top of the laundry. I’d keep it all caught up, that way, running low on clothes wouldn’t be an issue. I mean, we now have 3 adults living in the house and one 15 year old, surely this could finally happen! No more little people demands. Excluding the fact that it’s summer on a farm, let’s not even factor that into the scenario.

Which brings me to my second realization… I’m terrible at keeping all the clothes washed. I try and try but inevitable it gets me every time. Victory over the mound of laundry is temporary. Since moving to the farm it seems to have gotten worse. When we moved here, I had this bright idea to move the laundry room to the basement. Wade got right on that and in just a few short hours everything was up and running. Yay!! Yay until it comes to needing to wash laundry. Laundry has become the “out of sight out of mind” scenario. Thus is the need for so many clothes. You get what I’m saying?

Plus, who leaves their dirty laundry out everywhere? Not me. I don’t want to look at it all the time, so I cleverly hide it behind a door and the pile just grows. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. That has been my philosophy. Which may work fine until you clean out all of

your drawers and closets and a few days pass, then a few more days pass, til all of a sudden you reach into your drawers and reality hits…. I HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY!! There’s nothing to wear. I’m left with cuddle dubs on an 80 degree day with a side of “no one should see me in this” outfit.

What am I to do?!?! Where’s the lesson in this?  Could it just be, “grow up and get it together!” or maybe it’s realizing that I too, am a work in progress. Still not yet perfected. Although my heavenly Father calls me a masterpiece I’m not yet completed. My solution?Leave that dirty laundry closet door open so that every time I make my way that direction I’m reminded there’s more work to be done. No room to be hiding what needs to be dealt with behind a closed door. As well, I will not just fill up my drawers and closets with more stuff just to avoid laundry. I’m going to continue to make progress. Can’t keep covering up what I need to face. Can anyone relate?


Men! Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them…

Happy New Year Everyone!! My post today is from 2 years ago, but I was reminded of it this week as we have been hit with a large amount of snow over the last 8 days and have had bitterly cold weather. I’m leaving the original post as is as all of it still reflects my journey in truth…

PS. I did add a picture and we have since moved to our beautiful little farm.

I know it has been ages since I wrote a blog. The blog was a journey I was excited to start and quickly realized I was way out of my league, but lately I have found myself with thoughts I would like to share. Therefore, I have decided to share what I feel like I should share and let the rest of it work it’s way out.  I would find it a complete and total honor if anyone chooses to read this. 

…SO this morning I was up early, which is highly unusual for me, and as I made my way through the house I could hear the roar of the snow blowers and scraping of snow shovels across the driveways and sidewalks in my neighborhood. One, of course, being my husband Wade snow blowing and scraping our driveway and porch.  To really understand the landscape you must know that it has been bitterly cold, temps below freezing and this morning was no exception.  We accumulated more snow over night which made clearing driveways a necessity for anyone planning to get out this morning. Knowing that Wade was outside clearing the driveway, I looked out the window in to the dark of the morning to check on him not daring to go out myself and being so glad that Wade was willing to go out and clear the driveway.  Interestingly enough, as I looked out the window I realized just how blessed I was to have a husband willing to wrap himself in an oversized scarf (that I knitted for him last year, totally not important), a hat, 2 pairs of gloves, long johns, snow pants, wool socks, snow boots, and the heaviest jacket he owns to clear of the sidewalk and driveway.  Not only was Wade out there but I looked down the street and could see other fathers and husbands doing the same thing.  Most of the houses were still dark as their families were still asleep, but those dads were out making preparations for their families before ever leaving for work. See, not only did they need to clear the driveway so that they could go to work to provide for their families, but they were taking time to clear porches and walkways so that the comings and goings of their families would be met with less obstacle and danger.

I felt so blessed knowing that if I had not gotten up to see these men clearing the snow away I would have woke up and it would have just been done. I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought. I would have just been glad I didn’t have to do it, but today I realized and truly appreciated the sacrifice these men were making for their families.  It made me think about my Heavenly Father and how he takes care of so many things for me that I am never aware of. He clears obstacles and goes before me making a way in situations that may otherwise be insurmountable on my own.  Oh how God often makes the crooked way straight! It doesn’t mean that I won’t face hard times, disappointment, or obstacles as I go through my day, but it does mean that I have a God looking out for my best interest.

So, this morning I saw a husband loving and caring for his family and that became to me a reflection of the love and care my Heavenly Father shows me everyday and often I am unaware, but not today.  That was truly an expression of Love In Action.

Take time to see the reflection of God’s love for you today. 

If you look for Him you will find Him!

Luke 11:10 “For everyone who asks, receives. Everyone who seeks, finds. And to everyone who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Jeremiah 29:13 If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.

Walking in the light,

Becky Atkinson