Oh Yes!!

I woke up this morning with the burning desire to share one of my favorit things with you. I like to wait until the temps are above 55 degrees before I begin enjoying such delectable goodness, just so happens, the other day I began the process of concocting the 20160414_091806.jpgdeliciousness that is ICED COFFEE!! Anyone else hear the angels singing when I say (write) that? It is so yummy!! This time of year, I like to replace my morning cup of hot coffee with a LARGE glass of home brewed ICED COFFEE!! Yes, I must capatilize every letter! How else will I be able to convey the absolute fabulousness of this creation!?

Before you get all crazy excited let me prepare you… This dreamy and delectable treat takes some time. So, don’t go thinking you can just run to the kitchen and whip it up, because it’s a process.

Life Lesson 101: If you haven’t learned this lesson in life by now let me tell you, it’s always about the process. Don’t get lost or frustrated in the process, just keep moving forward. The process is what strengthens us and grows us!! It’s a neccesary part of our journey, so get out there and walk out the process. You’ll  be glad you did.

Back to this Iced Coffee I speak of…. My favorite recipe if from Pioneer Woman. You must check it out and try20160415_093148.jpg it!! Not only is it totally worth the making it will save you lots of money if you regularly buy Iced Coffee somewhere else. There’s only one problem, it never seems to last long enough even when I brew it at home. It always leaves me wanting more!!

Hint:  I like to have a pitcher of the Iced Coffee sitting in the refridgerator all ready, so that all I need to do is pour it over a nice full glass of ice. Mmmmm!!!!  The way I do that is I add the half & half and sweetened condensed milk to the brewed coffee and mixed it altogether. Here’s the specifics, when I make 2 qrts I use 1 4oz can of the liquid goodness, sweetend condensed milk and only about a 1/4cp of half & half. If I make the gallon size I just double those 2 things. I do not need to add any sugar if I use the condensed milk. Then all I have to do is pour….. Try it- if you dare.

Remember, it’s gonna take some time, but just follow the recipe link in the post and then let me know what you think. Anyone else out there Iced Coffee drinkers? Oh Yes!


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