It’s Not Dead!!!

Oh my goodness!!! I was so excited this morning when I walked outside to see this…20160912_091618.jpg

I know, it’s another sunflower and to you that may be all it is, but that’s not at all what I saw. I saw a sunflower that had been transplanted a few weeks and although I had watered it, it began to wilt almost immediately. I thought surely it would die, but this morning, there she was… Head facing straight up towards the heavens!! AMAZING!!! Bright and Shining!! WOW! WOW! WOW!

You see, the reason for my excitement, is that I had left that sunflower for dead. After a few days of watering and not seeing much of an improvement, I had left it to do what it would. BUT, that sunflower had a will to live!!!! I wasn’t giving up. I had given up on it, but it still had life in it. It may have went through a season of struggle, where it things looked hopeless, but that wasn’t the end of the story for this sunflower. There was purpose left, life left inside this.

So this morning when I walked outside and saw the crooked neck on this sunflower, theCrooked Sunflower struggle it had to go through to live I thought of you, I thought of the times you’ve struggled, been left for dead, the scars and bruises, the wounds inflicted along the journey, but you LIVED!! God didn’t let you die, He didn’t give up on you. He fought right along side of you and before you. He never gave up and neither did you. You may have felt like it at times, but God gave you enough to make it one more minute, one more situation, or one more hurt so that you could declare’ “I shall live and not die and declare the word of that Lord!”

Psalm 118:17 I will not die, but I will live and proclaim what the LORD has done.  

Be encouraged my friends! This sunflower wasn’t the biggest, didn’t look like the strongest, but it was full of purpose and so are you!!


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