Where do we go from here???

This post is a little different from my others as I find myself perplexed by the condition of our world.  I can’t seem to find the inspiration to post about the farm before sharing what’s really on my mind these days…

I’ve always found social media to be a positive in my life, however, at present I find it difficult to scroll through yet another page of finger-pointing and negativity.  Since we have not always lived close to family and friends social media has been a way for us to share our lives with those we love and it has become a life journal, chronicling many milestones and celebrations along the way.  I have loved seeing into the lives of those around me and understanding better their likes, hobbies, and getting to know their families.  Social media has also made it possible to share ideas, either good or bad, with our world.  Free speech is a wonderful thing not to be taken for granted.  However, I’m not so certain we are using good judgement at present.

I find myself struggling not to respond when I see something, once again, that I disagree with.  Don’t misunderstand, we should be able to share our differences with each other and that is not the part that bothers me….  What bothers me is our inability as of late to share our thoughts and differences of opinion in a constructive manner that creates a place for us to see another perspective on any given idea or topic.

Personally, I have worked hard to not just see an issue from one side.  This includes listening to those different from myself and giving space in my life to filter through the many voices and opinions of our world.  The one stabilizer in my life is Jesus Christ.  He has given me a framework by which I live my life on a daily basis and by which I choose to draw my opinions.

There’s an irony to the way I feel these days….  I’m certain some will say, “just turn off social media,” and that is an option.  However, the irony is, I honestly believe God has a bigger purpose for all of this and specifically for me.  I have considered just canceling my personal page and just continuing to share for Blue House Farms, but that seems wrong …..

My rambling is not without purpose….  I’m grieved for the division in our culture.  Where has the common ground gone??  Those things that always brought us together.  Our country.  The safety of our children.  Tragedy.  It seems that even in the face of these we can’t stand together.  Difference divides us on every hand.

I am saddened when I see us attack each other for our differences.  I find it harder and harder not to respond and feed the negativity as well.  So many common courtesies have been lost in the fight for being right.  If we continue down this path of division we will destroy ourselves and we will have no one to blame but the face that looks back at us in the mirror.

Stop, take a minute to see past the agenda, look further in, deeper, past what’s on the surface.  Our battle is not with each other.  It’s much different.  We’ve allowed ourselves to become pons on a chessboard.  Stop responding and posting without consideration for the message you are sending.  Ask yourselves, as I will ask myself, will this post, repost, or comment bring unity or division?  Is this best for the common good?  Is this the world we want our kids to grow up in?  How can I be a positive influence on those around me?

I can’t help but hear this passage of scripture in my head as I write…

12 For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places.     Ephesians 6:12 

So, where do we go from here?  As for me, I will choose not to respond before considering the motive behind my response.  Will you join me?


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