Just when you thought it was over…

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last post!!  I’m so sorry to those of you that have joined me on this journey I had big plans over the holiday season to spend lot’s of time sharing with you all my many thoughts and revelations concerning the precious Christmas season….. Guess I’ll share those next year. Haha!

So here we are, 2017!!  How many of you out there, much like me, never thought we’d 20161211_090112.jpgsee a year 2000 with a 17 at the end of it.  Does anyone remember Y2K?  That was gonna be the end.  We waited up to see what would happen.  We had been told over and over that all the computers in the world would surely crash as they would not know how to make the date “2000.”  Well,,,, I guess the computer programmers did a better job than they thought because 2000 came and went and here we are 17 years later.  And what a crazy world we live in!!  For some, it’s crazy good and for others it’s just plain crazy.

I’m not much for resolutions as I find it difficult to stick to them, however, I do find the beginning of the year a great time to evaluate the last year and to look ahead at what I hope for the new year.  I often fast the first month of the new year to consecrate myself with God and to cover the new year in prayer.  This year, however, we planned a vacation the first of January.  No fasting on a family vacation for me.  I have a hard enough time fasting when we’re home having to prepare meals for the family while trying to separate myself in prayer and fasting adding vacation to that scenario I’m not sure it would accomplish what I would want.  By the way, the vacation was exhilarating and exhausting!! In spite of all the fun, I was glad to return to the farm at the end of the week.  Love this place!!

Although, I may not have started the year as I normally do God did not fail to give me direction for the new year and I thought I’d share that with you all.  As you may know, our new year does not line up with the Jewish new year, we have a set date in place to begin the next year, January 1st of every year we get a chance to look at our world with fresh eyes, this includes our circumstances, our habits, our lifestyles, our relationship with each other, and most importantly, our relationship with our creator God.  We get to ponder the most famous questions of life, “Who are we and why are we here?”  As a believer, God is standing ready to reassure us of who we are and that we are ALL full of purpose.  However, this year I heard more clearly from Him concerning what 2017 should be and I’d like to share it with you… As I was standing in church on the first day of this new year worshiping God and I could hear him whisper in to me the words “Reset button.”  As I began to listen closer I feel like God gave me a more specific definition for what He means by those words.

You see, so many times we feel, while in pursuit of life, like we missed it or messed up in some way.  As if life is what it is and there’s nothing going to make it any different. I can’t change, this situation can’t change, my past can’t change so I just deal with what is.  Well, what we don’t see is that we get a fresh start…. Actually, we get a fresh start everyday….

The faithful love of the Lord never ends!  His mercies never ceases. Great is his faithfulness his mercies begin afresh each morning.   ~Lam. 3:22-23

….but for some it needs to be deliberate, like January 1st, first day of a new year.  Created for the pressing of the reset button.  An opportunity to look at our situations and circumstances through a new lens.  We get a chance to start fresh, make new habits, create stronger relationships, or draw closer to our creator, God.  I know what you’re thinking, it’s the 10th of January.  Yes, and it’s only the 10th day of the new year.  Grab this opportunity and run with it!!  What will become of this year for your world?  Where does God want to take you?  Where has He wanted to take you before but you didn’t get there?  Don’t worry.. start today.. right now.  Press the button in your life.  Look ahead to what is , not back to what was, good or bad.

There is no doubt, He’s got something planned for us all individually which will be explosive as a community of believers!!  God’s got the plan, now let’s get with it.  Leave 2016 in the dust of the past and look clearly into 2017.  Don’t throw your hands up in frustration and anger, throw your hands up in surrender of all that God has in store for your 2017.  Press the reset button!!


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