A year later and still…

It’s a year later and I’m still not certain why God has asked me to write this blog.  As I mentioned in my first blog, Faith. Family. Farm., it’s been an act of obedience.  Although, a year has passed I still struggle to continue in obedience.  At times, doubt creeps in and I begin to wonder why.  Can anyone relate to those kind of thoughts and feelings?  However, along the way, God has sent messengers along to encourage me.  For that, I am so grateful 20170214_125005.jpgand full of humility for the concern of my Father, even for me.

Often times it isn’t for us to know the “why” , but to be willing to be obedient, understanding that our creator is the one with all the plans.  No better place to be than in the middle of what God desires to do with our lives.  I know, however difficult it may be to stay consistent with my obedience, that God is aware of my shortcomings and still has a plan bigger than my mind can comprehend and I desire to be right in the middle of that.

While this is just a small reflection of my own limitations I believe it reveals just how amazing God’s grace is for all of us.  I’d like to say I’ll never doubt my call and purpose again, but I’d be underestimating my human nature.  What I find so magnificent is that God keeps spurring me along, one moment, one messenger at a time.  Just when I think I’ve missed it again the Holy Spirit reminds me of a love and grace not known by this world.  A love and grace that can only be given by a force bigger than myself.

So, as you’re faced with your next challenge to be obedient to what you know God is prompting you to do just respond.  When doubt creeps in, just respond.  When you miss it one time, just respond again.  Keep moving forward.  A year later and still…


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