Few people know this, but about a month ago we launched our blog/website. Since then it has been in process or like I said in the first post, “under construction.”  Have you ever felt like you were supposed to do something, but not exactly sure why? Well that is where I’m at.   I know I’m supposed to write a blog. As a matter of fact, I started on this blog writing journey about 4 years ago, soon after our family made the move to Michigan from Tennessee. Over the past 4 years I have only written a few times and it was under the title of “Sweet Tea Comes to Michigan.” I absolutely struggled with doing it because I consider myself and my family to be private people by nature.  But, when God puts something in you to do that nudging never goes away, no matter how many times you talk yourself out of it. Thus was born!! The new home of my blog…

In March of last year we moved again, this time, only across town to Benton Harbor, Mi.  I call it my dream home.  It’s a small farm on 5 acres with a lovely 110 year farmhouse sitting on it.  We have embraced farm life and love it!!  There is quite a story that goes along with that transition and I hope to share it with you all at some point. However, today I would just like to help you understand who we are and why we are doing what we are doing.  Not for acceptance, but for purpose… Our mantra is Faith-Family-Farm. Our first commitment is to God, He has brought us to and through so much and has been such a good Father, even though life gets hard we know our creator is on our side, walking with us. Second, and anyone that knows us would agree, is family. We are small in number, but mighty in love. We have followed the call to homeschool our kiddos and we are ending our 10 school year very soon, I hope- haha.  Fellow homeschoolers, can I get an Amen!!??…. It has been a privilege and a sacrifice. I have loved being a part of their small victories and large victories over the years. Lastly, the farm, it’s a lovely place to live.  We have enjoyed being here this past year.  We know that God has placed a vision with in us to see the farm be used for His glory. Now it’s on us to follow through.  We presently have 13 spunky hens and 3 new chicks. Clementine has become our old farm dog. She’s 7 years old and has adjusted to farm life quite well. Last year we planted 6 Blueberry bushes, 30 strawberry plants, and grew a vegetable garden that produced tomatoes, potatoes, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, broccoli, peppers, spinach, and lettuce. We were surprised to discover rhubarb growing in our garden left by the previous residents and to them we are thankful. Finished up our last jar of rhubarb jam just recently. I must tell you, we had the most beautiful sunflower patch last year, just looking out the door and seeing those bright and shining faces looking back at me reminded me of just how amazing God’s creation is. The variety in color and shape is magnificent!! I know, some of you are probably thinking that’s a little over board and that’s is ok. I’m good with that..

That brings me back to the beginning… We truly hope that you find our farm to be a place of encouragement, inspiration and at times, I hope you feel challenged as I do just writing this. So, on behalf of the Atkinson Family, “Welcome to the farm!”


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  1. Great Words !!!!! With out God, I don’t know how I would get through some days. I’m so happy that you have found the farm and enjoy it so much…Love Aunt Helen

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