When to Trim the Wick..??

I really like for my house to smell lovely!!  Since having children seems like I’ve been left with the super power of smell.  This can be a blessing or a curse.  I can smell what you’ve eaten.  I can smell what kind of soda you are drinking.  I can sniff out an odd odor a 100 feet away.  That being said, my house needs to smell nice.  Considering we live on a farm with 3 inside pets it can be a struggle.  BUT I shall persevere!  I will not give up, I will continue to fight the battle against ferocious odors!!  Which brings me to my reason for writing today.

You see, the other day I went to light my spring scented candle in the kitchen when I noticed that the glass was completely covered it black soot.  My daughter was standing close by, and I commented at how coated the candle glass was with soot and said, “this just won’t do.”  In that moment, my mind went to the parable of the 10 virgins in Matt. 25.  If you’re not familiar with the story let me explain a little.  Jesus begins to tell a story about these 10 pure (virgin) young ladies preparing to attend a wedding to meet the Bridegroom.  The story goes on to say that 5 of them prepared for the journey by bringing extra oil for their lamps, which if you know the story, this becomes very important.  As it happens, they are presented an unexpected delay and the extra oil would be needed by these 5 wise virgins.





There is so much that could be uncovered in this story, but what God showed me as I was beginning to light my candle was the wick…  In verse 7 of chapter 25 (NLT) it says “all the brides got up and prepared their lamps.”  In the previous verse it says that the bridegroom has been seen, he is on his way.  So it would make sense that the virgins would begin preparing for his arrival, as it is said in verse 7, part of that would be to prepare their candles.  They would need their candles to see the bridegroom, it was midnight when they were informed of his arrival.  5 of the girls had prepared themselves with extra oil, while the other 5 had not.  Even though some of the girls had enough oil they still needed to prepare the wicks for the oil.  Just like my candle, I had let the wick get too long, there was plenty of wax, but the dirty, clumped up wick was impending the wicks ability to burn clean and bright, and to burn with endurance.   Just like those clumped up dirty wicks, we can allow ourselves to become the same way in our own walk with Christ.  We have oil, but our wick is all junked up.  The oil wants to flow, but the wick is to blocked and clogged to allow a clean burn.  When the wick has hardened and formed a crust on the end even when lit it will produce a contaminated flame.  The wick will release a black smoke and it will not be able to draw from the oil the way it was intended.  Just like the candle, as Christ followers, we carry with us the Holy Spirit.  As crazy as it sounds, it is the oil that is meant to burn in our lives to prepare us to meet the bridegroom, Jesus Christ, face to face.  That being said, what are we allowing to collect on the wick of our lives that keeps the Holy Spirit from burning clean and bright within us?

This was a moment for me to reflect on my walk own with Christ, while I am filled with the Holy Spirit, am I burning with a clean flame?  Also, this is a reminder to me that daily I should rise and prepare to meet the bridegroom for I do not want to be caught unaware.

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