He Prays For You!!

As the school year came to a close the pressure in our house was at an all time high for our high schooler, Nathaniel.   He had several very large assignments coming due all around the same time and to know him is to know he sets a pretty high standard for himself concerning his academics.  Yes we homeschool, but we are also part of a pretty awesome coop.   We come together with other homeschooling families one day a week for classes and this year Nathaniel was carrying a pretty heavy class load.  I’m so proud of the way he managed his time.  He set some pretty lofty goals for the school year.  Thankfully,  he loves knowledge so at this point in his education I’m more of a motivator/ cheerleader than a teacher.  Which just means I spent more time praying and worrying than before (all that behind the scenes stuff).  As much as I know worry doesn’t help as a momma it’s hard to watch your child walk through difficult situations.

For instance, one morning as we were standing in the kitchen, as we do often, we were discussing the day ahead and I could tell Nathaniel was discouraged.  I wanted to make it all better for him, but in reality I knew there was nothing I could do.  It was up to him to complete his assignments.  He’s a first-born and deals with many of the typical first-born characteristics, such as perfectionism.  Can anyone relate?  So when he misses the mark he is hardest on himself.  Along with not wanting to let himself down, he didn’t want to disappoint us or his teachers and classmates.  We found ourselves many times this year talking about what was most important and about asking for help when you need it, because we all need help sometimes.  But this morning was different….  He needed more.  He needed strength and encouragement bigger that what I could give.  Although, I looked right at him and told him I’d be praying for him in that moment I realized that even more importantly, Jesus was praying for him.  Bigger and greater than any prayer I could pray would be the fact that Jesus was praying for him, interceding on his behalf in the Heavenlies.  It was as if God kissed the earth in that moment to let Nathaniel know He was preparing a way for him.  Jesus, the son of God, was praying for him.  Wow!! So cool!!

Nathaniel was the realizing that he couldn’t do it in his own strength and he could lean on and rely on God to help him through.  It seems, too often we try to handle our problems on our own and we forget that we have a father in heaven praying for us, believing for us, and making a way for us.  We are not alone.  God is always with us.

The end of Nathaniel’s story goes something like this…. Through the trial, Nathaniel’s faith increased.  He could have chosen to give up, but he didn’t.  He pressed through with God’s help.  Each time he thought there was no way to get it done God provided just what he needed.  The trial presented it’s self, but Jesus came first…

As his mom, I wanted to step in and make it all better.  I wanted to provide the way out, but it wasn’t for me to do it.  Nathaniel needed to trust God.  He needed to ask and believe knowing that Jesus was praying for him and making a way.  Did he (Nathaniel) miss it sometimes?  Sure he did, but in the end his faith was increased…  He was discovering who his God truly is!! Doesn’t get any better than that folks.

Trials will come.  That’s a sure thing,  but remember who’s praying for you.  Who’s making a way for you – Jesus.

Luke 22:31-32 “And the Lord said,“Simon, Simon! Indeed, Satan has asked for you, that he may sift you as wheat. But I have prayed for you, that your faith should not fail; and when you have returned to Me, strengthen your brethren.””


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