Oh the Wait!!

I love Strawberries!! Their color, shape, and of course, their flavor. Yum yum yum!!! So, when we moved to the farm last year I knew we would have a strawberry patch. It wasn't long until I had planted 32 strawberry plants! Here's something interesting about strawberries you may not know, I didn't.. They are second … Continue reading Oh the Wait!!

Cute as a Button!!

The day finally arrived!! Sophie had been counting down the days until her 12th birthday...Last year about this time last year our 12-year-old cat, Gracie, died.  Sophie had loved that cat, she had carried her around like a baby. Gracie would just let her do whatever she wanted to her,dress her up, put glasses on … Continue reading Cute as a Button!!

Old, Wore Out Junk!!

Old, wore out junk!! That's what we see sometimes when we look at something like this piece of wood. "That just needs to be thrown out" and "it's not good for anything" or "somebody's already got the good out of that thing".  But I saw something else when I looked at that piece of junk. I … Continue reading Old, Wore Out Junk!!