Pics & Bees

Seriously, have you ever tried to take a picture of a honey bee with a 10 mile per hour wind on a tender lavender plant?  Well the struggle was real people! The coolest thing, while I was out weeding the lavender beds I noticed  bees still doing their bee thing and you know I had … Continue reading Pics & Bees


What Are You Wearing Today??

School started back up for us this week and I really wasn't ready.  However, 2 days in and it's going well. We homeschool, and we have 2 children. Pretty small for a homeschooling family, but perfect for us. Nathaniel is in 11th grade (how is that possible), and Sophie is in 6th grade.  We typically … Continue reading What Are You Wearing Today??

Almost Missed It…

You see this bowl of potatoes? To most it looks like a bowl full of dirty potatoes, but to me it represents something I almost missed... Back in the spring as we were preparing our raised garden beds for planting I noticed a few sprouts that  I thought were weeds and they were about to … Continue reading Almost Missed It…