So Much To Share!!

Summer is here and I have so much to share with you!!  This spring has been busy here on the farm.  We’re wrapping up school.  Not to mention, planning our first Mother’s Day Tea, don’t worry I’ll share more about the tea in a moment. Planting has also begun, over Mother’s Day weekend we planted sweet onions, bushy cucumbers, Yukon potatoes (because those are my favorite), and carrots.  Oh, and 53 rows of assorted Sunflowers!! That’s not even half of the seeds we have left to plant.  I wonder if you’ll be able to see our sunflowers on Google Earth, random thought…. Continue reading


Freedom and Masterpiece Theater…

I love Masterpiece Theater!! As a matter of fact, that’s a bit of a joke in our house.  It usually starts with, “Mom, are you watching ‘Pride & Prejudice’?” because surely if they have an accent it’s got to be P&P.  That’s the only Jane Austen movie I’ve forced my children to sit through, presently.  It’s worth mentioning, I have heard Sophie, who’s 12, actually refer to the movie as,”it’s not bad.”  I feel like that’s a move in the right direction.  Usually  my response is an exuberant yes and they go running from the room.  There is a method to the madness… Continue reading

Where do we go from here???

This post is a little different from my others as I find myself perplexed by the condition of our world.  I can’t seem to find the inspiration to post about the farm before sharing what’s really on my mind these days…

I’ve always found social media to be a positive in my life, however, at present I find it difficult to scroll through yet another page of finger-pointing and negativity.  Since we have not always lived close to family and friends social media Continue reading

Just when you thought it was over…

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 2 months since my last post!!  I’m so sorry to those of you that have joined me on this journey I had big plans over the holiday season to spend lot’s of time sharing with you all my many thoughts and revelations concerning the precious Christmas season….. Guess I’ll share those next year. Haha!

So here we are, 2017!!  How many of you out there, much like me, never thought we’d 20161211_090112.jpgsee a year 2000 with a 17 at the end of it.  Does anyone remember Y2K?  That was gonna be the end.  We waited up to Continue reading

Pics & Bees

Seriously, have you ever tried to take a picture of a honey bee with a 10 mile per hour wind on a tender lavender plant?  Well the struggle was real people!

The coolest thing, while I was out weeding the lavender beds I noticed  bees still doing their bee thing and you know I had to let them “be”, after all, life depends on the survival of those obscure tiny flying creatures.  Smile people!!

I was up for the challenge – I was determined to get a clear shot of those bees.  Couldn’t they just slow down for  seconds?! They were so busy and did not Continue reading

Shame filled my heart…

A few nights ago I came face to face with my past. A past that was so far off in the distance I had imagined it would never return to my present.  I was wrong.  Why had it returned?  Why now?  I’d like to tell you have the complete answer for that, but I do not.

However, when I saw my past standing before me shame engulfed my entire being. Continue reading


It’s been too long!! Sorry for not having posted sooner. My husband has been out of the country and while my kids are older it’s just not the same with him gone. All the things we do together I have to do all by myself. Poor me, right?!  Also, just keeping things going on the farm…so grateful for kids that will pitch in and help pick up the slack.

The good news, he’s home now…. Happy wife!!

It sounds like I have been a victim of busyness…  I was just reading an article this morning about the “No Anointing.”  I must say, there were some good points in there.  For some of us it really is an issue of not being able Continue reading

It’s Not Dead!!!

Oh my goodness!!! I was so excited this morning when I walked outside to see this…20160912_091618.jpg

I know, it’s another sunflower and to you that may be all it is, but that’s not at all what I saw. I saw a sunflower that had been transplanted a few weeks and although I had watered it, it began to wilt almost immediately. I thought surely it would die, but this morning, there she was… Head facing straight up towards the heavens!! AMAZING!!! Bright and Shining!! WOW! WOW! WOW!

You see, the reason for my excitement, is that I had left that sunflower Continue reading